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Fozzy Group is one of the biggest retailers in Ukraine, represented by Silpo, Fora and Fozzy retail networks. The company owns large logistics centers located throughout Ukraine.

In 2015 our company implemented a lighting solution for one of the largest logistics centers in Kyiv region. The goal of the project was to reduce lighting system maintenance costs and to provide the required luminance level by using modern LED luminaires. We installed LED luminaires specifically designed for high bay warehouse application, with 10 m suspension height. A distinctive feature of this luminaire is the use of set of reflectors which create the required light distribution. Using such reflectors combined with matte diffusers minimizes blinding effect and reduces error and accidents rate.

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Project information

(RU) Кол-во светильников
(RU) 35 шт.
(RU) Площадь
(RU) 171 м2
(RU) Мощность системы
(RU) Было 2,1 ВтСтало 1,1 Вт
(RU) Освещенность
(RU) Было 102 лкСтало 250 лк
(RU) Срок окупаемости
(RU) 20 месяцев
(RU) Высвобождаемая мощность
(RU) 1 Вт

The involved equipment

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